Author’s Note: I feel so horrible. I haven’t had muse for my personal writing in a really long time, but it’s time to change that! This is one of the first original pieces I’ve done in a bit. I was mad inspired by DragonCon and so many fantastic steampunk costumes there! Anyway, here it is, my steampunk take on “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland”. I hope you enjoy, and thanks for bearing with me.
Elizabeth Although
Blaire herself was no Queen of Locks. But the people trusted her, seemed to believe in her, even the man who had opened the doorway for her to enter into this new world had complete faith in her abilities. They called him the White Rabbot. She didn’t quite understand where ‘white’ came from, except for perhaps his abnormally almost white blonde hair. The rabbot part –part robot, part rabbit- was easy enough to understand. He never went into detail, but he said there was a war and within that war, he had lost his ears. And then he went to the Mad Tinkerer and for a simple cup of tea, walked away with the most intricate ears a man could ever have. Granted, they were the ears of a rabbit. But that didn’t seem to bother him. Still, Blaire wouldn’t say anything, and when the White Rabbot wasn’t looking, she found herself staring as the cogs and machinery moved, a slight flicker of sound from a distant corner and his ears perked up and moved to face it, swiveling like satellite dishes as he finally turned to the source of the sound. He identified it, catalogued it and put it away, saving it into his computer-like brain for another time. 

Blaire, unfortunately, had a lot of time to stare at his ears.